RGEB is a better fit for our small company than our previous agency because they handle us more one-on-one and I don’t have to be a benefits expert because they are. Dana is our rep and always very kind and courteous. She makes our personalized worksheets for our employees, which very plainly shows them a comparison in cost. There is no way I could create these, and this is the competitive advantage that RGEB provides to us. Barry provides regular communications keeping us up to date on regulations and he is my go-to for all things ACA and compliance.



Jennifer Perez, Human Resources, RD Abbott

American Jewish University uses the services of RGEB for our employee medical and dental insurance benefits program. The RGEB staff is always friendly, competent, thorough, and provides the University with excellent service.


Prior to open enrollment, RGEB researches the options available, and presents the plans that fit within the University's budget and serve our employees well. RGEB handles all of our new enrollments, changes, deletions, and is ready to assist with any issues that our staff members may have regarding their coverage or benefits.


We have been very pleased with the services of RGEB Employee Benefits.



Deborah Dolder, Executive Personnel Coordinator, American Jewish University

All I have to say is that Barry made things very easy for us, was very professional and knowledgeable. We would use them again in a heartbeat...Outstanding!



Vincent Maguire, Co-Founder, Maguire & Hart

Barry and I have worked together on two companies with over 200 employees each. It is my view that Barry and RGEB Employee Benefits put service and personal attention above all other elements of the relationship with his clients. It is also my understanding that Barry and his team are very well liked by their clients. I would imagine it to be a rare day when Barry loses a client...



Mike McCarey, President, Essential Benefits