What do you like best about the RGEB webinars?
I like that the webinars are put up on YouTube afterwards. I have had to review a couple of items when going over my notes and it’s nice that I can go to YouTube to do this.
Do you always learn something and have takeaways?
Absolutely! In some instances, I’ve gotten a better understanding of what’s expected as an employer and other times, the questions (and subsequent answers) that are asked by some of the other attendees have helped to clarify something.
Based on the 2018 labor law update webinar what was your take away?
This was one of the most informative webinars I’ve attended. I would love to see an annual labor law update at the beginning of each year to make sure I’m aware of all the changes.
Do you find the compliance webinars helpful and why?
Again, absolutely! Even with memberships to outside sources of HR compliance, it’s easy to miss something, especially if HR is only one of the hats you wear. The compliance webinars are a nice way to stay up to date on compliance issues.
Do You like the outside presenters or would you rather have RGEB do the presentations?
I enjoy both the outside providers and RGEB doing the presentations. If an outside provider is an expert on the topic, I welcome their input via a webinar.
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Susan, Manufacturing Company Oxnard, CA,

Congratulations RGEB on your 20th anniversary!!
I know I count on RGEB to keep me informed and covered on the best policy for me. That's a huge relief for my piece of mind and my bank account. Your attention to the details of knowing my needs and Herculean efforts to wade through the annual changes in policies and creating the perfect match is so professional and truly appreciated. The more people happily in your hands the better life will be for all!
Thank you!
Here’s to another 20 years with RGEB!

Hanna Hartnell, http://hannahartnell.com/

RGEB is a better fit for our small company than our previous agency because they handle us more one-on-one and I don’t have to be a benefits expert because they are. Dana is our rep and always very kind and courteous. She makes our personalized worksheets for our employees, which very plainly shows them a comparison in cost. There is no way I could create these, and this is the competitive advantage that RGEB provides to us. Barry provides regular communications keeping us up to date on regulations and he is my go-to for all things ACA and compliance.



Jennifer Perez, Human Resources, RD Abbott

American Jewish University uses the services of RGEB for our employee medical and dental insurance benefits program. The RGEB staff is always friendly, competent, thorough, and provides the University with excellent service.


Prior to open enrollment, RGEB researches the options available, and presents the plans that fit within the University's budget and serve our employees well. RGEB handles all of our new enrollments, changes, deletions, and is ready to assist with any issues that our staff members may have regarding their coverage or benefits.


We have been very pleased with the services of RGEB Employee Benefits.



Deborah Dolder, Executive Personnel Coordinator, American Jewish University