12 Reasons Your Brain Craves Vacation Time

If given the choice, how many of us would have to think it over when choosing between spending two weeks on vacation and putting in the 9-5 at work? It’s a fair assumption to say that most of us would choose to spend the time relaxing on a sun-kissed beach somewhere in the Caribbean, but…
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We’re Celebrating 20 Years In Business! Thank You!

Really Great Employee Benefits just completed our 20th year in business and we are celebrating. At this milestone in our business life, we want to thank the companies and individuals who have chosen RGEB as their trusted advisor. To our 350 clients and their almost 9,000 employees as well as our 1,000 individual and 950…
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The American Health Care Act and Manager’s Amendment

The American Health Care Act and Manager’s Amendment - Revised March 21, 2017 The following is a summary of the American Health Care Act and the Manager’s Amendment released March 21, 2017. The Manager’s Amendment changes were based on House consultation with the Senate with respect to the Reconciliation process. Manager’s amendments are bolded for…
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